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Former Collegiate Cheerleader
Nationally Qualified Bikini Competitor


From growing up a gymnast to becoming a collegiate cheerleader, Sashi found herself in a deep depression after a cheerleading accident left her with a broken back. In less than a year, she went from an athlete to developing a binge-eating disorder to cope; and put on 100 pounds.

When regaining control of her life, she turned back to fitness to work to feel good from the inside, and restrengthen the muscles to support her joints. Fitness saved her life in many ways, and created a pathway for her to start helping other people reach their own goals.

She is currently a NASM Certified Personal Trainer with specialities in Corrective Exercise and Performance Exercise.  She is currently working to get her B.S. in Kinesiology, and is a Nationally Qualified Bikini Competitor on her journey to earn her IFBB pro card.